The Reviews Team Oscar Predictions 2022

By The Reviews Team

In alphabetical order

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Opinions: “Kinda boring choices in my opinion! Where is King Dev Patel.” (Tilly Mason)

Two underwhelming nominations, for Javier Bardem and Denzel Washington. No one will remember Being the Ricardos in two months’ time, while Washington’s performance felt artificial throughout. Uninspired lineup.” (Ben Helme)

Who should win: Benedict Cumberbatch (The Power of the Dog) or Andrew Garfield (Tick, Tick…Boom!)

Who Will Win: Will Smith (King Richard)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Opinions: “Any of the wide array of WSS supporting actors could have easily fit in this lineup, both Mike Faist, David Alvarez were electric in their roles” (Abid Zaidi)

“This seems like a weak lineup, making it sadder that Corey Hawkins’ nuanced work in The Tragedy of Macbeth got shut out. His performance stood out as the (by far) the strongest for me, eclipsing his multi-Oscar winning costars, despite their flashier roles.” (Ben Helme)

Who should win: Troy Kotsur (Coda)

Who Will Win: Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Power of the Dog)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Opinions: “This list was truly shocking – not a single one of these actresses received the BAFTA nomination.” (Vanessa Huang).

“The Academy loves awarding films that pat the industry on their back, Kidman has to be a shoe-in + no nomination for Rachel Zegler is a travesty, the most amazing performance (actor or actress) of the year.” (Abid Zaidi)

“RIP Renate Reinsve”. (Tilly Mason)

Who should win: Kristen Stewart (Spencer)

Who Will Win: Nicole Kidman (Being the Ricardos)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Opinions: “No Caitriona Balfe in favour of Judi Dench is a tragedy, when the former had SAG, Globes, and BAFTA precursor nominations – Judi Dench was better in Cats than she was in Belfast.” (Abid Zaidi) 

Who should win: Kirsten Dunst (The Power of the Dog)

Who Will Win: Ariana DeBose (West Side Story)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Opinions: “Denis put his whole p*ssy in Dune. Justice for Denis 2022!” (Vani Kant)

Who should win: Dune (Denis Villeneuve)

Who Will Win: Power of the Dog (Jane Campion)

Best Animated Feature

Opinions:“It is absolutely not going to win, but I love Luca so much. No big adventure, just vibing.” (Vanessa Huang)

“They should put THAT on the DVD cover lmao.” (Abid Zaidi)

Who should win: The Mitchells vs the Machines

Who Will Win: Encanto

Best Production Design

Opinions: “I’m a small-time fan of theatre, and the way The Tragedy of Macbeth’s sets manage to imbue such a strong theatrical feel to the film is fantastic. Also beautifully reminiscent of German Expressionist cinema.” (Syed Zaid Ali Mudzhar Ali)

Who should win: Nightmare Alley

Who Will Win: Dune

Best Cinematography

Who should win: Dune

Who Will Win: Dune

Best Costume Design

Who should win: Cruella

Who Will Win: Cruella

Best Director

Opinions: “If Jane Campion doesn’t win, the Academy hates women.” (Anna Berkowtiz)

“No Villeneuve for Dune is sad but not worrisome, hoping that he gets the “Return of the King” treatment for Part 2 where the award honours the whole saga rather than just the one film.” (Abid Zaidi).

“So unfair Julia Ducournau isn’t nominated here!” (Tilly Mason).

Who should win: Denis Villeneuve (Dune)

Who Will Win: Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog)

Best Documentary Feature

Who should win: Flee

Who Will Win: Flee

Best Documentary Short Subject

Who Will Win: Audible

Best Film Editing

Opinions: “Anything but Don’t Look Up… pls. (Anna), “like seriously where is Titane here” (Tilly) Don’t Look Up looked like a powerpoint presentation. Did it really need the animal stock footage?“. (Ben Helme)

Who should win: Don’t Look Up

Who Will Win: Dune or Don’t Look Up

Best Foreign Language Film

Opinions: “Drive My Car was nominated for Best Picture. There is no way it doesn’t win this.” (Vanessa Huang)

“My dream situ is Drive My Car wins Best Picture (lol) leaving this for The Worst Person In the World! Would have loved to see Titane & Petite Maman here too.” (Tilly Mason)

Who should win: The Worst Person in the World

Who Will Win: Drive My Car

Best Makeup

Opinions: “I feel so bad for House of Gucci lmao surely they’ll be given this at least” (Tilly) ‘Is this just Jared Leto in makeup’ is the new ‘is this cake’, but for me, the HoG makeup is unnecessarily invasive.(Ben Helme)

Who should win: House of Gucci

Who Will Win: Eyes of Tammy Faye or Cruella

Best Original Score

Opinions: “No French Dispatch here is a killer blow. The Desplat-Anderson partnership is amongst one of the greats in cinema history, second only to Williams-Spielberg in my opinion.” (Abid Zaidi)

“Jonny Greenwood’s hellish orchestral/jazz mishmash for Spencer deserved not just the nomination but the win. It was a massive gamble that absolutely paid off, elevating the material into nightmarish territory. An early front runner, he seems to have cut himself out of the running, as the academy decided to focus on his good but less great work in `The Power of the Dog.” (Ben Helme) 

Who should win: Power of the Dog or Dune

Who Will Win: Dune

Best Original Screenplay

Opinions: “The French Dispatch should be here, I’m sorry.” (Anna Berkowitz)

“I hate this. Don’t Look Up? Over C’mon C’mon?” (Vanessa Huang)

“Shoot me but i thought Don’t look up was original and unsettling…like deeply unsettling, it deserves the award.” (Inayah Inam)

Who should win: The Worst Person in the World

Who Will Win: Belfast

Best Original Song

Opinions:“Cannot believe they didn’t submit ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ for Encanto.” (Vanessa Huang). 

“The George Lazenby of Bond theme songs shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oscar.” (Matt Sudlow)

Who should win: Encanto

Who Will Win: No Time to Die

Best Picture

Opinions: “Im sorry but why don’t more people like Nightmare Alley – it was a noir masterpiece. Also if Belfast is on here, C’mon C’mon should be on here as well.” (Inayah Inam)

“For the past c. 40 years, except Birdman, BP winner has also been nominated for Best Editing. Killer blow for Belfast’s chances.” (Abid Zaidi)

“It feels kinda weirdly significant for Netflix to be leading best picture predictions.” (Tilly Mason) 

“Spencer should have been nominated here – it’s perhaps the strongest film of the year, and the only film I’ve seen in years to twist the biopic format into something exciting and inventive.” (Ben Helme) 

Who should win: Drive My Car

Who Will Win: Power of the Dog

Best Sound

Who should win: Dune

Who Will Win: Dune

Best Visual Effects

Opinions:“Compared to the Lynch version’s budget, Villeneuve’s Dune visuals were honestly .. weak imo” (Tilly) Two MCU films but no Eternals seems very odd,” (Abid Zaidi)

Who should win: Dune

Who Will Win: Dune

Live Action Short Film

Opinions: “Un-ironically one of the best categories this year lol – The Long Goodbye and Take and Run are two of the best films i saw last year.” (Tilly Mason) 

Who should win: The Long Goodbye

Who Will Win: The Long Goodbye


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