The thoroughly wicked “Thoroughbreds” is your Easter Holidays must-watch

Thoroughbreds (2018) dir. Cory Finley, starring Olivia Cooke, Anya Taylor-Joy and Anton Yelchin

Childhood friends Amanda (Olivia Cooke) and Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) are reunited as teenagers, but after years apart it seems as though they have nothing in common anymore. Lily is a polite, innocent girl decorated in stylish hair and pretty makeup who excels at school. Amanda, on the other hand, is her opposite in appearance; donning casual clothes, with messy hair and no makeup. Her deadpan is well-performed by Cooke.

The only apparent similarity is that both girls belong to upper-class families, but their wealth won’t save them from their true natures. Amanda feels nothing at all and has committed an act that has left those around her questioning her mental stability. Clean-cut Lily also has her secrets, often linked to the contempt she harbours for her icy and intimidating step-dad Mark (Paul Sparks).

Amanda and Lily’s reignited friendship is the core of the film. The oscillations between these two leading characters is a fascinating dance, comparable to a sports match; the audience has no idea what they could come up with next.

Eventually Tim (Anton Yelchin, in his final performance), a dim-witted drug dealer, becomes involved in Amanda and Lily’s wild schemes to help Lily out in her situation with her step-dad. He propels the plot forward in a story that gradually transitions the film from being funny to disturbing.

The container in which these characters’ story is told is astoundingly crisp and defies the fact that this is a directorial debut. Sharp cinematography and sleek single takes capture the atmosphere with great efficacy, especially when compounded with a particularly percussive score than leaves you on edge.

Balancing comedy and dark themes is challenging, yet Thoroughbreds succeeds effortlessly. Don’t expect to find yourself entirely comfortable with what unfolds on screen. But if you’re willing to surrender to the absurdity, Thoroughbreds will prove to be an enjoyable and memorable film.

Thoroughbreds arrives in UK cinemas 6th April.




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