To the guy I overheard at Tuns

By Miss Grumpy

Hey, sorry I didn’t approach you that night. I guess I was choked up in a sort of visceral feminine anger. Maybe you would have thought I was being coy. Well, mate, it wouldn’t have gone the way you expected anyway. But I’m guessing you would have liked that nonetheless. Having a girl hit on you at Tuns? Just enough of an ego boost to last you till the end of the week. Oh get in! A spicy conversation starter with your mates. 

Of course, I know you were just having a laugh. Come on, it was a Wednesday night, pre-drinks at Tuns before everyone headed to Zoo. This is where we let loose, sink into the party spirit. Yeah, mate, chuck those pints down your throat, get messy! Oh, it was chaotic – people were saying all kinds of things they didn’t mean just for the sake of it. 

But the bottom line is: you said what you said. “Girls at Zoo are honestly so easy,” you slurred to your mates, with a smirk on your face. They seemed to find it amusing. 

Okay, maybe alcohol got the best of you and the words slipped out. But I found it disgusting. I don’t understand why you were shaming girls who are happy to get with you and perhaps sleep with you by the end of the night. Isn’t that what the both of you wanted? A half-decent person would simply take it as a compliment. Well, with a pinch of salt of course, because both parties are more than likely to be ridiculously drunk.

Think about it. The misogyny and disrespect in your words is blatant. So what if a girl walks into a club and decides to shag someone by the end of it? She is acting with her own agency, out to have her own fun, not a passive subject in your twisted narrative. 

And to the girls who may feel somewhat put off by this – do what’s right for you and fuck those who wanna say otherwise. Especially those weird misogynists, fuck you. You can’t get laid anyway. 


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