How we go round in earth’s spinning


Perhaps it is something religious; profound

When we wind through streets as one, head bowed

A contemplative prayer in the cities’ pews

We praise the walls that once were dust

Anonymous but joined, as walk we must

In the sepulchral shadows of bygone lives.


                                                               There is the idea and here is the creation

                                                               It needed light to unfurl into being

                                                               As waves stretched for its eternity


Tales of the fragile, the hollow and gone,

A fate we ignore, heads down, running from

Imagine we hold eternity in all that we made

As if a pebble picked up from the shore

Ground down and shaped and made into more

Used to construct the walls here before

If eternity is to be found it’s too short


                                                                There is reality and here are my dreams

                                                                Light turned dreams to colour

                                                                And so they could exist


If I slipped through the cracks

Between the years that have passed

Would I still be able to find me in the same worn down tracks

The same people trudging slowly

Amongst all we deign holy

We believe it is there we find truth.


                                               When here is the emotion, the desire, the essence

                                               And I hold it all in urgent existence

                                               To build and create before the fall


But in the slipstream of time

She felt what was mine

Both searching for that one moment of knowledge

It is in that moment life feels enough

As we lift our eyes high off the ground

Glued to the sky soaked with light

But to know that light is dying, not a match that combusts

But a fusion that brings us all life – it’s too much

And we lower our eyes back in prayer.


                                                                 Here is the light but there is the shadow

                                                                 In its absence we look up once more


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