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Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer released

With the highly praised Black Panther releasing next week, Marvel Studios continues to dominate news headlines as they have now released the teaser trailer for the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp. Despite troubled production on the first Ant-Man, director Peyton Reed still churned out a super enjoyable and thrilling movie (though I still would have liked to see Edgar Wright’s version) and the second instalment looks like it will live up to its predecessor. The new addition of Wasp is also exciting as female superheroes continue to headline movies and rightfully so. It looks like so-much fun and how can you not at least smile at a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser being used as a weapon of destruction?

Super Mario Bros. animated movie in development

Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment are partnering together to work on a CG animated Super Mario Bros. movie based on the popular franchise. The animated team behind previous major hits such as the Despicable Me films, The Lorax, Sing and The Secret Life of Pets will work on the picture which (thankfully) be unconnected to the infamous live-action Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993. The picture is in preliminary stages of development with no directors attached yet.

Black Panther ‘sabotage’ group planned

Yes, that headline is exactly what it reads: some close-minded nerds are trying sabotage Black Panther. Why? This Alt-Right group of supposed DC fans believe Disney has been ‘paying off’ reviewers and press into supporting Marvel and Star Wars pictures and negatively reviewing Warner Bros. DC movies. How will they do this? They have created Facebook groups to round-up these morons up and together they will band together and submit negative reviews to the Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Facebook will attempt to deactivate these groups. Why are these fans stupid? Warner Bros. is a majority stock owner of Rotten Tomatoes – other reasons are pretty obvious. What do these fans need to do? Get themselves out of their mothers’ basement and realise that we are living in a gigantic world consisting of extremely diverse nationalities, opinions and cultures.


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