Worst internet moment of the decade: Covfefe

On 31 May 2017, shortly after midnight, the 45th POTUS tweeted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. Yes, he made a spelling error, and yes, the liberal American media went absolutely insane about it and pretended like they didn’t know he was just trying to spell coverage.

It turned into an awful Gen X meme, where a bunch of bars and cafés in Washington DC started selling covfefe-inspired drinks. It was cringe. I don’t even like Tr*mp, but of all the things to take the piss out of him for, a spelling error is not one of them. Some people took the error as hallmark sign of his “low IQ”. I hate when Tr*mp makes relatively small language errors, because all that ever results from it is lots of ableism and some borderline eugenicist tropes in the media and the public. It’s a similar vibe when people attack him for being fat, as if the root of his malfeasance is his body weight. 

I get it, Tr*mp is fun to hate. But let’s hate him for the right things. He’s putting migrant children in concentration camps at the US-Mexico border. ICE is now the quasi-Gestapo of America. He’s led the effort to rollback of all the progressive policies made in the first half of the decade. 

Please, let ‘covfefe’ die.


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