5 more podcasts you should listen to

Some time ago I recommended 5 podcasts to our readers. Having been wholly unable to wean myself off the damn things, I’m back with more.  Let’s get to it:

1 – My Favourite Murder

The perfect mixture of real crime and comedy. Hosts Georgia Hardstaff and Karen Kilgariff make you feel like you are sitting right in the room with them. Far from making fun of the crimes, Karen and Georgia focus on making comedy out of bad times.

2 – Heavyweight

This podcast was recommended to me a few weeks ago and I have not been able to stop listening since. From Gimlet Media, Heavyweight follows Jonathan Goldstein as he meets people who need to revisit their past: a guy who wants to meet the person who ran him over, a woman who let down her favourite professor, a kid whose social anxiety led him to destroy friendships – and helps them come to terms with what went wrong. Jonathan Goldstein is one of the best narrators in the business, making for excellent, soothing, and heart-warming content.

3 – Science Vs.

Another one from Gimlet. Science Vs. consists of very short episodes discussing the science behind a specific issue: exercise, vaping, abortion, antidepressants, you name it, they have an episode on it. Perfect for becoming an annoying smartass.

4 – The Media Show

From BBC Radio 4, The Media Show is a great podcast for those interested in the media industry. Guests include heavy-hitters like Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the New York Times, and Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times, who are brought in to discuss topical issues in the media.

5 – Monocle 24: The Globalist

The Globalist, from Monocle’s radio programming, is the perfect way of getting clued up on international affairs every day. Monocle is a truly global media company, and their ability to span the world with this podcast is testament to that.


Honourable Mention: Beaver Sound

We are just getting started with our ambitious multimedia platform here at The Beaver. Beaver Sound brings you two podcast shows: Crossing the Globe draws on the LSE’s vast international community to discuss topics from different perspectives. LSE Limelight delivers coverage into pockets of LSE campus life, be it the latest campus news,  student activities deserving of attention, or Beaver reporting in sound mode.


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