The Flipside future beckons; week two and The Beaver’s back page transformation will be complete.

As part of this special time sports sages Seth and I are opening a new segment. The Spartan Section. Be there or be square.

Our daily habits form who we are. The more we align them with bossing through life with a metaphorical spear and oiled-up six pack by our side, the greater we will become.

That’s why we need your tips on why your sport/active life routines provide the ultimate grounding for an LSE warrior. Fitness. Nutrition. Lifestyle. That sphere. This can include, for example: why Yoga is best for overall wellbeing, how a daily run can be made fun, why munchies-induced gorging on KFC bargain buckets is the key to bulking…

But let it be known, if our inbox remains dry af, then I will delve you deep into aspects of my lifestyle. One has already been provided in the form of the ‘Cold Kick Trick’. It represents roundabout what we’re looking for in terms of general persuading of LSE’rs to convert to your ways. It’s the beginning of a very slippery slope. And once you plunge into the icy water of Shapland tips and quips there is no way out. Trust me.


Happy posting,

Your Sports Editor – Michael Shapland.



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