Arrest Made in LSE Library

The arrest: what we know so far

Last Monday evening, 14th January, a man of unknown age was arrested in LSE Library for unknown reasons. Reportedly, policemen arrived at the Library at approximately 7pm and were searching for the man until eventually locating and arresting him. It has been unconfirmed whether he is an LSE student.

This image depicts two police officers escorting a handcuffed man and carrying his backpack down the stairs of the Library. (Courtesy of George Marlow)

There has been speculation that the man had stolen personal laptops from the library.

Two LSELove posts regarding the arrest, one accusing the man of masturbation (published on Saturday) and the other depicting the arrest, have been subsequently deleted. It is possible for LSELove posters to request their posts be deleted. Both allegations are unconfirmed and as yet, unsubstantiated.

Another post published on the following Wednesday, not directly linked to the arrest, claims that the author (a “2nd year asian econ student”), was asked by police to present their ID card.   

The Met Police website ‘Crime Map’, which locates and categorises known crimes across London, has not been updated since 10th November 2018.

The police have been unable to comment on this individual case.

LSE’s Media Relations department has been contacted for comment which they have so far been unable to provide. The Beaver continues to investigate this story and will publish more information when possible.


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