Binge-Worthy TV Recommendations

The Christmas holidays are nearly over – but it’s not all bad news. Need a new show to binge before you get back to LSE? Here are some recommendations to avoid the arduous problem of scrolling through Netflix for an hour.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix and E4)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Trailer

This brilliant comedy is about the day-to-day goings on of the 99th police precinct in Brooklyn, New York City. Its strong ensemble cast (Andy Samberg, Terry Crews and more) and their comical antics make for a feel-good, bingeable show. You probably aren’t a part of society if you haven’t already heard about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You feel all the more involved in their shenanigans with their running jokes (including their annual Halloween heist competitions). Season six begins Thursday 11th January.

Brownie Point: Look out for Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and his pet dog ‘Cheddar’. It’s actually a different dog in every episode she appears in.

The Good Place (Netflix and E4)

The Good Place Season 1 Trailer

This feel-good comedy follows the (after)life of Eleanor (Kristen Bell) as she finds herself in ‘The Good Place’. From being introduced to the ever-so-nice Good Place and her soulmate Chidi (William Jackson Harper) we find out that Eleanor’s presence in The Good Place is a mistake. We see how she manages to avert suspicion and try to become a better person (she finds it really difficult). Another strong ensemble cast (including Ted Danson and Jameela Jamil), a quirky comedy style and a twisty plot makes for an excellent binging choice.

Brownie Point: The creator, Michael Schur, co-created Brooklyn Nine-Nine and also appears in The Office US as Dwight’s cousin Mose.

The 100 (Netflix and E4)

The 100 Season 1 Trailer

If your ideal binge doesn’t involve wholesome comedy, then perhaps the post-apocalyptic The 100 is for you. A nuclear apocalypse leaves the Earth uninhabitable and the remaining human population is living in a space station, ‘The Ark’.  Facing the issue of over-population and deficiencies in resources, the ruling government of The Ark decide to send a hundred of its young offenders to Earth to see if it is safe to return. Main character Clarke (Eliza Taylor) becomes a leading beacon of hope for the one hundred. But their survival is under constant threat. With well-developed characters, great chemistry among the cast and the continual reminder that “There are no good guys”, this adrenaline-pumping series is worthy of binging – especially with its 71 episodes across five seasons, with a sixth on the way.

Brownie Point: Lost alumni Henry Ian Cusick and Isaiah Washington star in The 100. Also, look out for Shawn Mendes in season 2.

Suits (Netflix, Paramount and Dave)

Suits Season 1 Trailer

A legal drama with great characters and our very own Duchess of Sussex. What more could you ask for? Now on its eighth season, Suits follows the a group of lawyers working in a New York law firm and the introduction of the brilliant Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) – if only he had finished his law degree before getting kicked out Harvard! Seeing his potential, the suave and sophisticated Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) hires him. To find out what happens you’ll just have to watch the show. With standout performances from the cast, great storylines and endless pop culture references, Suits will leave you wanting to pursue a career in law (at least the glamorous side!).

Brownie Point: Gina Torres, who plays Jessica Pearson, will have her own Suits-spinoff set in Chicago. It is currently being filmed for release this year.

Taskmaster (Dave)

Taskmaster – Series 4 Task

If you’re not looking for a plot-heavy TV series to commit to for many of seasons, what about a game show. Look no further than Taskmaster. Greg Davies hosts as he gets his celebrity contestants to perform random tasks and complete bizarre challenges. Created by comedian Alex Horne (who stars as Greg Davies’ assistant host on the show), this is a fun-filled game show with great comedic contestants, ranging from Noel Fielding to Rob Beckett. Taskmaster will leave you aching with laughter at tasks such as who can destroy a cake in the most beautiful way and make a film about a potato. Yes, really!

Happy binging!


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