Comment: Vegas Massacre

The Vegas Massacre of October 2nd is another stark reminder that current gun control laws are a failure in the United States. This is not the first time politicians have failed the people they are elected to protect and represent, all due to political manipulation by the powerful lobbies.

The call for a complete ban on guns is the wrong one and is an extreme overreaction to events such as these. It’s an emotional argument, not a logical one- impassioned citizens believe that banning guns will solve the problem. They overlook the root of the problem and focus only on whats readily in front of them. What we need are stricter gun laws that tackle how people get firearms, not laws that limit guns overall.

As gun laws are dictated state-by-state, the strength of laws can vary drastically. What the US needs is a comprehensive national set of rules and regulations to stop the massacres from happening. Have longer waiting periods, stricter background checks, and mandatory gun training.

This helps to find the middle ground between responsible gun owners and those who want to see guns completely removed. If guns are to stay, they should be treated like cars. Everyone who wants to drive needs a minimum mandatory number of driving hours, they need to renew their licenses every few years, and if they violate driving laws, they need re-education. It stands to reason that like driving laws, gun control laws can similarly be modeled to be more effective and comprehensive for the general population.


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