There’s only one true way 2018’s most brutal matchups can be expressed…

Too ill to catch fight night fever, it was instead my gs’ accounts that embedded a picture of what occurred during the spectacle. But it was most from LSE’s Fight Night veteran Naveed Kabir that I became aware of how to capture the event’s nobility. Naveed’s commentaries were concise, cutting and encapsulated the essence of each fight perfectly. There was a poetry there also, one that pertained to a certain form of Japanese literature…


Jerome vs Mohammed

Flamboyant display

Jerome ran away with the win

Swift, strong, on the mark.


Aaditya vs Andrew

Aaditya; two rounds

won, then a big KO came

As Andrew swung sharp.


Tash vs Eleanor

A dominant force

Eleanor was, she prevailed

In a three-round scrap.


Josh vs Neeraj

Josh Han showed great skill

But in the end Neeraj won

A valiant fight.


Chloe vs Grace

Grace popped her shoulder;

waging war, yet she endured

Chloe won, but what heart.


Elena vs Erin

A back and forth draw

both E’s relelntlessly fought,






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