Geography ball on fire!

by Christo Petrou

Wine, good food, jazz, and a lot more wine. LSE’s reigning Ball champion will be hard to dethrone. I’m not just being arrogant – ask any of this year’s masqueraders and each will give you an extensive list of reasons for why the 2022 Geography Ball was a night to remember. Being told to evacuate, and vibing to an odd fire-alarm mix, tops my personal list of good times!

Fear not, ultimately there was no actual threat or fire. Turns out the venue’s smoke machines proved to be their downfall. But hey, any disturbance involving firefighters is always welcome, right? 

On a similar note, do you know who is also welcome to the ball? More geography staff. A night without Claire Mercer is a night without the essence of geography, and a night without Murray Low is a night without… well, I’ll let you finish that. Covid has stripped most of our university experience to the bone, so I’ll be damned if I miss opportunities to gather in person and go beyond being a black square on a screen. Indeed, balls are the perfect opportunity for faculty members to turn their cameras on instead. 

On a final note, a huge thank you to everyone who helped organise the event. Behind every extravagant ball there’s a team of sleepless geographers eager to push the limits. Cheers to you all. Oh, and some advice to future geography ball-goers, bring a coat. I’m being dead serious. That fire evacuation was no joke.


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