How to submit anonymous and encrypted information to the Beaver

The Beaver has launched two new channels for students to send tips and submissions to the editorial team. One is fully anonymous, and the other encrypted.

How do I submit anonymously?

The Beaver’s Google Form for anonymous submissions is here:

Other people’s submissions can only be viewed by us, and you don’t need an email address to post to the form.

Of course, this means we have no way of confirming your identity as an LSE student, and so cannot promise to act on any claims made. Anonymous submissions are much harder for our writers to follow up, but this doesn’t mean we won’t do everything we can to pursue your story. As with any newspaper, submission does not equal publication.

Therefore this platform is recommended only for the most sensitive and personal information. Where allegations of a disciplinary and/or criminal nature are made, an editor can meet with the contact and take matters further, if this is so desired. Alternatively the Beaver’s office number – 020 7955 6705 – is served by the team during term time.

Can I submit fully encrypted information?

Yes, the Beaver has an account with Peerio, a fully encrypted data protection platform used by many newspapers for the sharing of sensitive information. Text, images, video and documents can be shared securely here. All you need to do is make an account and search our username – @thebeaveronline. Our message box is open.

Because you’ll need an email address to make an account, and this can be viewed by the recipients of your messages, Peerio is not confidential unless you make a new email address. 

How is the Beaver notified that new information has been sent to us?

The executive editor receives a notification each time a submission has been made to the Google Form, or a message sent to the paper’s Peerio account. They will be viewed by an editor promptly.

Is there a data limit to what I can send?

The Google Form only accepts text entries. Peerio allows images, video and documents to be submitted.

How do I share general, non-private information?

Alternatively, general submissions lacking anonymity and encryption can be sent to the editorial team. Section-by-section contact details can be found here:

If you have any other questions, please contact







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