Iconic nightclub KOKO closes its doors for the year

One of Camden’s most popular nightclubs and frequent Friday night spot for LSE students, KOKO, will be closing its doors on March 8th for structural redevelopment. The club will be closed until 2020, moving all of its events to the Camden Electric Ballroom for the year.

The 119 year old building opened its doors in 1900 and has been used (under various names) as a theatre, cinema, and entertainment venue. In September, the club closed for the month due to major structural issues. Now, it will need to close for a more extended period of time to refurbish.

Because the venue was only a short distance (about a 15 minute walk) from Carr Saunders and Passfield Hall, it was frequented by many LSE students.

Allison Droulers, first year from Passfield tells the Beaver: “KOKO has always been my go-to Friday night, just because it was close to other halls and you could see a lot of familiar faces. [The closing] really completely turned everything upside down, and Friday nights won’t ever be the same, at least until next year.”

The last Friday night (for now) will be on Friday 1st March. Large turnout is expected as partygoers say one last goodbye to the iconic nightclub for the year.

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