LSE is the equivalent of Disneyland with an academical spin. When children go to Disneyland, they are fully immersed in the experience. They look forward to it ahead of time. Their senses are hijacked by the glamour and activities. The moment they have to leave is tough; they’ll miss it. They go back home reminiscing on the good memories and anticipating more good ones to come in the future.

Replace “Disneyland” and a few other keywords, and the same situation is applicable to LSE. LSE is exempt from the common plight of many institutes that are mere “degree dispensaries”. LSE isn’t just there to issue its students with degrees to progress with their careers. The degree is a byproduct, and the real experience lies within the daily endeavours as an LSE student. We’re much more certain of where they would like to take their academic pursuits.

LSE students attend lectures with undivided attention. They do their work with diligence that is explained only by their positive obsession with everything LSE has to offer. Having a bad day at LSE is simply not an option: the energy of the campus is quite infectious. Students have an unparalleled thirst for knowledge only LSE can satisfy.

The resemblance of LSE to Disneyland is not a mere coincidence. Just like Disney rides and their operators try their utmost best to please the kids, professors at LSE have reached their positions because of undisputable interest within their subject matter. They are the operators of their “rides” or classes, and they make sure that every ride is unforgettable. What sets the LSE faculty apart from other competitors is that professors do not just teach theory. They speak from experience, and many of them still partake in the subject matter that they so passionately preach. Students can’t help but absorb the information.

Disneyland rides come in all shapes and sizes, and there are mini attractions as well. The same applies to how LSE students who have fully enjoyed the remarkable LSE lecture experience can also indulge in other activities that will stimulate their cognitive faculties even more. This ranges from societies revolving around intricate interests to multiple talks and panels that keep the information flow going. The LSE student has constant access to a dynamic amusement park that never sleeps.


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