LSE Increases Opportunities To Study Abroad

Why now?

The LSE responded to what it deemed as an increasing demand for options to study abroad by announcing the new BSc in Language, Culture and Society starting in 2019/20. This echoes the LSE Director’s recent call for LSE to be more global, and expressing a desire to build on ties with overseas universities.

The new series of courses will allow students to study in Paris (Sciences Po), Germany (Humboldt), Spain (Valladolid), Russia (St Petersburg) as well as in China (Fudan). However, in the last student-director forum, the Director expressed an interest in potentially further increasing the number of countries and universities tied to the LSE.

What is it? What’s new?

What is especially new is the opportunity to study abroad for one of the four years, as opposed to the several months offered by previous courses.

Students will study Sociology and learn a language, with a compulsory year abroad in the third year. The course combines Sociology modules with language, literature and linguistic courses from the Language Centre at LSE. It will ensure students have ‘advanced language skills’, with options to study and conduct research in the newly learned language. This includes the option to audit sociology classes in the host university. Internship opportunities may be up for grabs.

Who need apply?

Those interested in exploring where language is at the heart of sociology; the origins of inequalities, the way cultural tastes are shaped and the way education works according to Nigel Dodd, Head of the Sociology Department at LSE.

Students who are cosmopolitan, interested in mingling with others, and mainly those who want to see the world should apply.








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