Michaelmas Term SU Election Results

Yesterday the results of this term’s SU elections were announced. The SU predict that this year’s election broke SU turnout records (more to follow this Friday), despite low turnout from some of the candidates at hustings last week.

Voting began last Friday morning and ended on Tuesday evening.

Below are the results:

Sabbatical Officer

Postgraduate Students’ Officer – Bilal Bin Saqib

Committee positions

Activity and Special Interest Network Chair – Gabriel Shaft

National and Cultural Network Chair – James Slater

General Course President – Emily Nemecek

Members of Academic Board


  • Prioto Shibab Raihan
  • Joshua Weinert


Members of Democracy Committee


  • Luke Archer
  • Loic Delorme


Members of Court of Governors


  • Christina Lauren
  • Akash Mehta
  • Jivan Navani
  • Sarah Pagel
  • Zak Shafi


Members of Trustee Board


  • Andrea Solis
  • Krishnan Puri Sudhir


NUS (National Union of Students) Delegates


  • Luke Archer
  • Sara Sajjad
  • Olivia Shenghan Gao


Part-time Officers

Graduate Teaching Representative – Kira Gartzou Katsouyanni

Disabled Students’ Officer – Saima Younous

Mature & Part-time Students’ Officer – Alleisha Royal


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