New Black Mirror Special to be Based on LSE

Following the success of interactive adventure Bandersnatch in 2018, Netflix has announced plans for a brand new ‘choose your own adventure’ special inspired by LSE. 

Bandersnatch, under the umbrella of the Black Mirror anthology, follows programmer Stefan as he navigates the world of commercial video game development. The protagonist is guided by the decisions of the audience to one of five possible endings, all the while facing the tensions and cruelties of a harsh 80s setting depicted by screenwriter Charlie Brooker.

The upcoming film will, in contrast, have viewers take on the role of a first year student at the LSE. There will again be multiple paths with the possibility for the main character to end up working in a variety of places such as a fintech start-up, an arms-dealership consultancy, or a computational neurology policy think tank. 

There are also reports that the piece will feature a secret hidden ending where it is actually possible to achieve a quiet, fulfilling happiness in oneself and one’s life’s work. It has not yet been confirmed if this is attainable, however. (Author’s note: if anyone does work it out, please let me know).

LSE will provide workshops to the writers and researchers working on the show in order to help them craft an authentic LSE adventure. A spokesperson for the organisation that produces the twisted, dystopian, often depressingly bleak experiences said, “We are delighted to be working with Netflix.”

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