‘Predictability And its Limits’ In its Final Week

By Yap Lay Sheng, Staff Writer

Entering its final week, LSE Arts’s latest exhibition ‘Predictability and its Limits’ is yet another creative exploration of the intersection between arts and the social science exhibited at the Atrium Gallery.

On view are several sketches  closely mirroring themes from the philosophy of Time that aims to make usually obscure philosophical concepts “accessible to a (sic) audience of non-specialists”.  These are the products of several years of collaboration between artist Fiorella Lavado and philosopher Roman Frigg on the limits of predictability in the case of climate models.

Roman Frigg is a professor of Philosophy at the London School of Economics, whose work has delved into areas such as climate change, quantum mechanics, scientific realism amongst others. He has a longstanding involvement in the LSE’s Centre for the Analysis of Time Series, working on projects that aim to flesh out the limits of model-based projection.

The partnership began several years ago when Lavado started exploring “the world beyond direct sensual experience”. The display bears witness to a partnership that aims to breach the often theoretically obscure concepts in philosophy and mass audience who struggle to get a foothold in this discipline.
According to a second-year Philosophy student, “I have not heard of some of these concepts and remain very intrigued by the displays.” While traffic was brisk in the gallery, it was not difficult to catch sight of people who at some point were deep in thought over the images.


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