Three Billboards inspire protests in London and Florida

In Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Mrs Hayes plasters the message “Raped while dying. And still no arrests. How come Chief Willoughby?” on three disused billboards. Three trucks dressed in strikingly similar billboards, organised in cooperation with the Justice 4 Grenfell group, were paraded through London carrying the message “71 dead. And still no arrests? How come?” Similarly, following the deadly school shooting in Florida, three trucks were parked outside the offices of Senator Marco Rubio baring the message “Slaughtered in school. And still no gun control. Who come, Marco Rubio?” Marco Rubio is a Republican Senator from Florida who is known to receive considerable donations from the NRA.

Jeffrey Tambor dropped from Amazon’s Transparent

Amazon decided not to renew actor Jeffrey Tambor’s contract for a fifth season of the hit comedy-drama Transparent following an investigation into claims of sexual harassment by his co-star Trace Lysette. Tambor, who won two Emmys and a Golden Globe for his performance as transgender matriarch Maura Pfefferman, said he was “profoundly disappointed” in the “deeply flawed and biased” investigation. Tambor continues to deny any wrongdoing. The fifth season will go ahead without him.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus says “Fuck you!” to Cancer

Last September Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having completed her treatment programme in January, the multiple Emmy-winning actress shared her first post-op photo via Instagram and Twitter, exclaiming “Hoorah! Great doctors, great results, feeling happy and ready to rock after surgery. Hey cancer, “Fuck you!”.” Veep is slated to begin filming its final season in August this year, for a 2019 release.


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