Written by anon

Before I go anywhere
My parents always warn me about boys
Be careful, they say
Boys won’t keep their hands off you
Don’t be too pretty
Because even if the boys are wrong
The consequences belong to you
Even if you were drunk

I didn’t think that I would experience this within the first week
In my own hall
In the basement
In the bar
In the club

Maybe he was too drunk
Or maybe this is what he is like
But now I am too terrified to walk home alone

I see him in the bar
And in the hall
And in the restaurant

Run my brain whispers

Report him, one friend insists
But you don’t want to ruin his life
You don’t have the evidence
Maybe he really was just too drunk

But what happens if I do report him
Will they choose to discipline him
To have a harsh word
To warn him
Will he know that it is me
The only thing worse than a guy that harasses you
Is a guy with a vengeance

Do I want to report him?
I don’t look him in the eye
He doesn’t approach me anymore
Maybe he really was just too drunk

But what if
I report him and
They don’t do anything

Do I click the button
Or do I let this slide


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