Bar Américain is one of Soho’s best bars

Bar Américain is a stunning Art Deco cocktail bar hidden beneath the decorative French restaurant Brassserie Zedel in Piccadilly Circus.

Wow, what a bar. The first place I think if when I want to impress anyone is Bar Américain. Found by only those who know, you leave behind the loud streets of London and immerse yourself into 1920s Paris. Walking down stairs lined with graphic posters and artisan hues, you find yourself beneath a large chandelier at the entrances to either the ornate restaurant or the opulent cocktail bar.

Deep mahogany and plush antique sofas set the tone as you walk into Bar Américain and feast your eyes on the splendour. Your eyes are drawn to the backlit liquor bottles lined side by side across the floor to ceiling bar as a striking centre piece. Lit by low light table lamps, the intimacy is enticing, an atmosphere persuasive in secret sharing.

The waiters and waitresses know the history and menu inside out, highly attentive with an edge of sensuality.

The drinks are presented fantastically with a large range of stunning glassware to match. A detail I was unable to ignore was the perfect thinness of the martini glass’ lip, and an aesthetic stem to match. The Lady Day was my favourite cocktail by far. Served bright pink in a high ball glass with a skewer of summer berries, there were certainly looks on drink envy. The mix of gin and liqueurs was light enough to drink easily, no sharp bite of the dry alcohol, so I definitely recommend for those with a more delicate taste. The Honeysuckle Rose was also very well presented, a peachy tone with an edible flower floating on the surface. With a fresh kick, it had the perfect balance of sweet and sour with my personal favourite mix of elderflower and cucumber. A stronger punch of alcohol than the Lady Day, but certainly another great pick from the menu.

Angus’ cocktails were dryer than mine, but nevertheless a delightful tipple for those who appreciate good quality alcohols. I personally recommend Valentino’s Revenge for true indulgence with its caramelly drag.

Overall, Bar Américain is one of my favourite bars in London. The stunning interior makes up for the high prices of cocktails and is definitely one to get dressed up for on a special occasion. Whether it be to wow a date or be savoured with friends, Bar Américain has my stamp of approval on it for sure.

What Did We Have?

Lady Day £12.25
Honeysuckle Rose £13.50
Fine and Dandy £13.50
Valentino’s Revenge £13.50


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