Minouche Sends A Strong Message

On Tuesday October 23rd, LSE Director Minouche Shafik sent a message to all students and staff via email, citing campus “discussion about LSE’s ethics and values as an institution”. This is assumed to be in response to growing dissent and recent protests, which have accused the LSE of being unethical in admitting a student who participated in the US Charlottesville rally.

The assertiveness of the message shows that complaints made by students for the past few weeks regarding this issue have reached and concerned senior LSE staff.

In the email, Minouche did not directly address the specific situation. Instead, she reminded the LSE community of the university’s values and rules regarding inclusion, respect and diversity. She incorporated several links to resources such as The LSE Ethics Code and Student Charter, as well as the many options in support services offered by the LSE.

Minouche’s words were firm in stating that the LSE “has robust measures” in place for dealing with any reports on unfair treatment at the school.

Many students at the university have been demanding action from LSE staff regarding this issue. Minouche’s email serves to confirm LSE’s awareness of the problem and willingness to act in the case of practical consequences to the community.


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