Petition on LSE Summer Ball Receives 600+ Signatures

A petition to launch an LSE-wide Summer Ball to take place after exams each year was launched two weeks ago and has since acquired 615 signatures.

The proposed ball, open to all students, faculty and alumni would be in “a large open space in London”, filled with, “fairground rides, food and drink stalls, world-renowned performers and much much more”, according to the petition page.

William Stein, who started the petition, is a second year Geography with Economics student. He previously organised the successful Geography Ball, which took place on the 27th January and received funding and support from the Geography department. He hopes to replicate that with this event, stating “I am working hard to make sure that this proposal includes ways to make this event accessible for all. Whether it be a disability or financial restrictions, I have balanced the budget sheet with people’s restrictions in mind.”

In conversation with The Beaver, William Stein said “LSE has many large-scale events throughout the year which must continue. They are essential at keeping communities strong at a department or society level. All of the existing events like the graduation ball hold a unique purpose which cannot be replaced. However, the main reason I’ve pushed this so hard is that I believe an event which brings all student, faculty and alumni together will tighten the LSE community. It will attach alumni to University as they come back yearly for this, what I plan to make a remarkable event.”

Lydia Goonetillake, a third year Geography student said “LSE definitely needs a summer ball as I bonded so much more with my department [during the Geography Ball]. It would be great to have that same feeling with the wider LSE community which the Annual Ball could provide.”

An anonymous third year student said “The Geography Ball was amazing. Though the Summer Ball sounds very ambitious, if anyone can pull it off with the proper support it is Will.”

The proposal will be taken to LSE at the end of this week, upon which time a decision will be made on whether to allow the Ball to go ahead and provide funding. This will be partly based on the amount of support it has received, measured by the number of signatures on the petition.


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