7% Increase in Student Satisfaction Marks NSS Win for LSE

LSE has increased student satisfaction levels following five years of disappointing results , according to the newly released 2019 National Student Survey (NSS). Overall student satisfaction rose by 7%, reaching a new score of 78%. 

Student satisfaction is largely measured in terms of satisfaction with the quality of the course. The seven percentage point increase seems to place Minouche on the right track towards overcoming LSE’s disappointing history with student satisfaction results.

LSE Director Minouche Shafik celebrated the result, whilst reaffirming her commitment to improving student satisfaction, stating that “Improving student satisfaction will remain our top priority.” 

The Director then outlined the new LSE 2030 strategy, which promises “an inclusive student experience and working in partnership with students to shape the world and LSE for the better”.

LSE is still ranked the lowest among top UK universities. Imperial, UCL, KCL, Warwick and Durham all recorded student satisfaction levels of 80% or above and either increased or maintained their scores from the previous year. 

Natalia Mrówczyńska, a second-year politics and IR student, believes that the improved score shows that LSE has been able to successfully address the disconnect between  the LSE student community and staff by “creating space for both more direct and informal interaction between LSE students and staff as opposed to just regular office hours”.

Sam Rippon, a third-year government and history Student and president of the Drama Society, told The Beaver: “The change appears to be a response to an active approach from the leadership team to listen to student opinions”. He mentioned Minouche‘s Q&As and efforts to improve how societies were run as being important in improving student satisfaction.“I have personally experienced an improvement in communication, and if this engagement continues and students notice responses to issues raised then I think the rating will only improve further,” he added.

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